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  • The First of Many Memories; The Senior Sunrise

    By Gabe Ferris

    It is said that a student’s senior year is his most important year of high school. After all, twelfth grade is the cumulation of everything you have learned, both socially and in the classroom. Although a student’s senior year is filled with college applications, heavy coursework, and sports and clubs, there is always time for friends and class-bonding. This was especially true on August 30, the first day of school for upperclassmen at Waterville Senior High School.

    Organized by Student Council advisor “Ms. Razz,” approximately 45 senior students participated in the first annual Senior Sunrise which took place at 5:59:46 am. This new back-to-school ritual allowed seniors to watch the sunrise together on the bleachers directly in front of the softball field at the High School. Senior class advisors Mrs. Forkey and Ms. Letourneau, Mr. Laramee, and homeroom advisors/advisees joined the students to watch the sunrise on the very warm and humid morning.

    Not only did the “first annual” aspect make the event special, but the unique nature of the Senior Sunrise was meaningful: “It was a means of getting the seniors together to experience something we will remember after high school. Our high school career is almost over and soon we won’t be making memories together anymore--it was just really nice to be able to spend that time together,” explains Waterville Senior Emily Caron.

    The event ensured seniors celebrated their “first last day of high school… [with] fun, friendship, photos, crowns and donuts,” according to Ms. Razz. After the sun rose, students returned home so their parents could take photos of their first last day of K12 school. Then, students headed back to WSHS for the start of Purple day block 1 class at 7:50. The first annual Senior Sunrise ties nicely with both the annual Senior Sunset that always takes place at the end of the year and the very last sunrise seniors will have the chance to see together after Project Grad concludes on the morning of June 8, 2019.

    Posted Sep 18, 2018, 7:21 PM by Floyd Wygant
  • Ukuleles Needed
    Ukulele graphic

    The life skills program will be learning about Hawaii over the summer, and we are on a mission to acquire 15 ukuleles and cases for the students.  Down Home Music Shop is working with us on this and has ukuleles for us at $65.00 each, and cases for $15.00 each.  

    If you would like to donate a ukulele, a case, or both, please email or come see me. Donations can be brought to me in room 114 here at Waterville Sr. High (cash or check made out to Mykayla Shaw) or you are welcome to go directly to Down Home Music Shop and tell them you are purchasing a ukulele/case for Waterville Senior High Special Education Department.

    1 Case = $15
    1 Ukulele = $65
    1 Combo = $80
    Note: Any donation is appreciated, no matter how small!

    Thank you for making this happen! Please contact me with any questions.

    Mykayla Shaw, B.M.E.
    Special Education Teacher
    Waterville Senior High School
    Posted Jun 13, 2018, 8:23 AM by Floyd Wygant
  • JMG “Adrian’s Swing” Community Fundraiser


    JMG begins “Adrian’s Swing” Fundraiser

    Nora Greene   

    Do you remember going to the playground as a little kid? I can remember how the monkey bars seemed so tall I was scared to fall; how the slide always filled my stomach with giggles. I remember swinging so high it felt like I maybe, one day, I could let go and fly. I was lucky enough to be able to run around in the freedom of my imagination, letting the obstacles take me wherever my heart wanted. I was lucky enough, but not all of us are.

        Adrian Mazerolle, a 6 year old Waterville local and George J. Mitchell Student, loves to swing. He has been living with a neurological condition, called Schizencephaly, which has made him visually impaired, unable to walk without aid, and susceptible to epileptic seizures. But, like any other kid, Adrian has grown, and no longer fits it in the North Street Playground baby swing.

    Unfortunately, buying a specialized swing is not a cheap ordeal, so JMG teamed up with  Waterville Parks and Recreation to help budget the cost of equipment for Aidan and other kids with conditions like him. In such a short amount of time, the $1000 goal was met! JMG was able to present the check to Matt Skehan, Parks and Recreation Director, as well as Aidan and his mother, Sybil Mazerolle. The swing will be installed on Friday, June 1st, along side JMG students and administrators.     

        Skehan remarked that he was “so impressed by how quickly the students raised the money for the swing”, and plans to fund the purchase of a second swing to be installed at the Moor Street Park.



    JMG Kicks Off “Adrian’s Swing” Community Fundraiser

    JMG students at Waterville Senior High School kicked off a $1,000 fundraiser to purchase a handicap accessible swing for the Judge Morton A. Brody Playground on North Street.

    The fundraiser "Adrian's Swing" is named after Adrian Mazerolle, a sweet 6-year-old kindergartener from the George J. Mitchell School who loves to swing, but recently outgrew the baby swings and needs a specialized swing installed. Adrian was born with a neurological condition known as Schizencephaly due to having a stroke in utero. He is visually impaired, not able to walk without a walker, is non-verbal, and has intractable epilepsy.

    “Adrian has an infectious laugh and smile, works hard every day at school, and really enjoys his play time--especially when he gets to swing at the local playground!” said Adrian’s mother, Sybil Mazerolle. “We just don’t want him to lose the ability to swing next to his friends, but he will be unable to this summer without a new swing.”

    Matt Skehan, the Director of Waterville’s Parks and Recreation Department, researched the costs of installing a handicap swing for older children after being approached by Adrian’s family. He said due to budget constraints, he was unable to afford the swing immediately.

    “Unfortunately, the price tag was too substantial for the current budget, but we are excited that JMG is taking this project on,” Skehan said. “It’s really a perfect location for the new swing and will be used by many families for years to come, I’m sure.”

    After hearing Adrian’s story from their JMG Specialist, students in the multi-year JMG program jumped into action and planned a gofundme page, a school-wide fundraiser announcement, and brainstormed several small events such as a car wash, movie night, squirt gun battle, and bake sale to raise funds.

    “In JMG, we teach students to overcome their barriers in life and give back to their community. This story really called to them on both levels,” said Dana Bushee, JMG Specialist at WSHS. “The students decided this was a barrier that they could beat for this little boy and others like him. I’m really proud of them!”

    The school-wide fundraiser will kick off May 10th (Thursday) at the high school in a community homeroom event, said WSHS senior Sage Hafenecker, President of the JMG Career Association.

    “I can’t imagine going to the park as a child, and not being able to swing,” Hafenecker said. “In Adrian’s honor, we are asking our school community for help to raise $1,000 so that all children can swing this summer!”

    The North Street playground is the most popular playground in Waterville due to its proximity to the Alfond Youth Center and the neighboring soccer fields, trails, and public pool, which serves thousands of families all over Central Maine, Skehan said. Currently, there is not a handicap accessible swing at any of the city’s playgrounds.

    The gofundme page is located at:

    JMG ( partners with public education and private businesses to offer results-driven solutions to ensure all Maine students graduate, attain post-secondary credentials, and pursue meaningful careers.

    Posted Jun 13, 2018, 8:32 AM by Floyd Wygant
  • Modern Band/Maine
    Take a look for Morgan Folsom and Sarah Barre being interviewed about Modern Band/Maine Kids Rock.  Channel 5 or 13 tonight ....
    Modern Band/Maine
    Sue Barre

    Posted May 8, 2018, 12:02 PM by Floyd Wygant
  • Latin Week 2018

    April 23rd - 27th

    Please Participate & Enjoy the following events & Challenges:

    Monday, April 23rd: Mythology Monday - do you have what it takes to tackle Rome’s Greatest Gods? Show Off Your Creativity & Your Advisor!

    1st place- Creeley, 2nd - Cobb, 3rd - Rasmussen, 4th - Brown, & 5th - Letourneau


    Tuesday, April 24th: Toga Tuesday - ShowYourspiritbyshowinguptoschoolIn your Best Roman Toga! Individual prizes & homeroom points!

    Lindsey Allen and Ben Bernier  were the best dressed
    Ms. Duquette's Advisory won with 10 advisees dressed in togas.
    Individual winners

    Wednesday, April 25th: Wild Wednesday - Test Your Latin Knowledge with Animal Games to drive you Wild!


    1. Bear _______

    2. Horse _______

    3. Cat _______

    4. Bull _______

    5. Fish _______

    6. Pig _______

    7. Mouse _______

    8. Dog _______

    9. Frog _______

    10. Owl _______

    11. Goat _______

    12. Crab _______

    13. Wolf _______

    14. Lion _______

    15. Bird _______

    A. Lupus

    B. Ursa

    C. Caper

    D. Avis

    E. Equus


    G. Feles

    H. Taurus

    I. Rana

    J. Mus

    K. Cancer

    L. Piscis

    M. Canis

    N. Porcus

    O. Leo

    Answers at the bottom of the page.

    Have Fun, Compete Responsibly, and enjoy celebrating latin culture!

    Thursday, April 26th: Catapult Thursday -Work with your homeroom to create the ultimate catapult & Be prepared to toast the competition in the gym with your skills! 

    Today's CATAPULT WINNING Homeroom -

    Ms. Douquette!

     castle catapult
     catapult catapult

    Friday, April 27th: Food Friday - One member of each homeroom will gain points by indulging in Roman delights & Mysteries in the media center!


    Wild Wednesday Matching Answers

    1. B

    2. E

    3. G

    4. H

    5. L

    6. N

    7. J

    8. M

    9. I

    10. F

    11. C

    12. K

    13. A

    14. O

    15. D

    Posted May 8, 2018, 11:49 AM by Floyd Wygant
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----- 03/24/16
Waterville Students Campaign at the State Capital in Augusta

Arts Advocacy Day finds five Waterville High School students campaigning in the State House. The Arts, visual and performing, have been shown to not only help in creating an environment to bring students to school but an important in developing academic skills. Student ambassadors like these are a credit to our school, community, and country.

Sue Barre

Band Leader

Student Ambassadors

----- 03/07/16

Waterville Drama Wins Class A Regional Drama and Ensemble Awards

In addition to the Class A Drama Regional and the Ensemble Awards, all Cast Awards were given for outstanding performance to Jon Thompson and Callie Rogers, and Olivia Jones won the lighting award. 
One Act Regional Win

The cast excelled, and special recognition goes to two students missing from the photo (who were taken home after the performance by parents); as well as, many other who also did their jobs and helped us win even though they were "sick kiddos the entire festival...hacking coughs, fevers etc."  We have amazing students at Waterville High School. Get and stay healthy. States in 2 weeks!

Gayle Giguere
Drama Coach/Director

----- 01/19/16

School Music Boosters Sponsor Spaghetti Dinner & Swing Dance

Swing Dance

Where: Elks Lodge 76 Industrial Way, Waterville

Time: 5:30-7:00 Spaghetti Supper, 

Time: 7:00-10:00 Dance with Live Swing Band Music
Dinner and dancing all for just $10 per person.

Sue Barre

----- 11/30/15

Student Artist Work on Display in the Capital Complex

Nine Waterville students to represent Waterville Senior High School in the Hall of Flags at the capital on Friday Dec 4, beginning at 2pm. The display of their work is part of the Excellence in Art exhibition that is displayed throughout the State House Complex through February 2016. 

Please take some time to view the exhibit at the capital and don't forget to congratulate the student artists:

CJ Gaunce
Sarah Brown
Megan Dickenson
Sydney Dumont
Julie Fortin
Sarah Joler
Cecilia Morin
Tiana Poirier
Molly Wasilewski

----- 10/23/15

Waterville Senior High School Celebrate Mole Day

At 6:02 AM on Friday morning, (October 23), we will be celebrating Mole Day in the cafeteria.  We usually get over 100 kids and have a great time celebrating chemistry and extreme nerdiness (word??).  Please stop in if you get a chance.  We are usually done a little after 7.

Mole Day

Mole Day

Mole Day

Mole Day Brew

----- 10/20/15
Waterville Senior High School Musician Gains National Attention and Concert Premier

 The public is invited attend a concert this Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 7:30 p.m. in the Lorimer Chapel   The concerted, conducted by Eric Thomas, director of Colby's Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band, includes Waterville High's Soren Nyhus's "Bittersweet Victory" (2014), written for the note flight video game composition competition. 

----- 6/2/15
Waterville Junior High School’s Hoop House Garden Project awarded $1,872 Fast Track Grant

The Directors of the Maine Community Foundation, at the recommendation of Dr. and Mrs. David Perloff, approved the middle school’s request for funding for the 2015-2016 academic year to support their Alternative Education Program. The expenditure of grant funds will be used to purchase garden
hoop house
supplies to help 
sustain the Hoop House extended classroom and to construct hydroponic and aquaponic grow systems. 

The school’s Katahdin neighborhood, a multi-grade level community for students who need alternative learning environments, offers the standards-based Common Core curriculum in smaller class sizes for academically referred students in grades 7& 8. Teachers Patrick Henyan and Deb Strout utilize existing classrooms for content area learning with access to the school garden to supplement educational lessons. 

“We’re so excited,” says Strout, “to have the financial support to keep the program going. Students built the Hoop House in 2012 with funding made possible through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math), but we’ve relied on community support and agricultural groups to maintain the program’s operation. This money will continue to extend our classrooms for more learning options for students who learn in different ways and at different times.” 

According to Foundation Associate, Helen McCain, the Perloffs are looking forward to visiting the school and meeting with the students to take photos and videos for the Fast Track website.  For more information on the Maine-based organization, visit

3/19/15 -----
Third Annul Tech Night

Five Waterville High and about a dozen Winslow High students answered the invitaiton form Maine Office of Information Technology to participate in what has become an exciting and rewarding look into technology in Maine.  In addition to a great evening of activities and prizes, our students were able to collaborate with Stakeholders at all level: educators, students, parents, technology professionals, colleges, and vendors. This small, invitation only,event involves students in activities where they meet members of various Maine agencies, learn about some of the technology that the different agencies use throughout the State and give them a chance to experience some of those technologies directly through hands-on activities.  

ABOUT TECHNOLOGY NIGHT: Even with the proliferation of technology in our society, high school students often lack a full understanding of Information Technology careers. The exploding world of technology requires resources with a wide range of skills, from management to analysis to problem solving to curiosity. OIT’s goal is to educate students to the possibilities of Information Technology as an exciting and very viable career path. In addition to talking about the technology aspects, we also stress the importance of teamwork, collaboration, creative problem solving and endless learning opportunities. This event is fun and interactive.


OIT letter:

We appreciate your support and participation in our Third Annul Tech Fair held on March 19, 2015.  Our event would not have been a success without your contributions.

Over 60 high school aged students and their chaperones from seven local schools, and a home school group attended the event.  There were over 20 exhibits demonstrating the use of technology and promoting careers in IT.

Learning about the local college and university IT programs is so valuable to our Maine students. This was a valuable part of the evening and we were pleased you dedicated time to the event.

The Kennebec Journal highlighted the event on the front page. Here is the link to the article:

Thank you for making this such a spectacular event for the high school students and sharing in this successful event!

Our very best,

The Tech Night Team

3/21/15 -----
Science Olympiad 2nd in State

The Waterville Senior High School Science Olympiad Team competed in the state Science Olympiad tournament at University of Southern Maine, Gorham, on Saturday, 3/21. The lowest score wins, and we had a score of 76 for 23 events.  This is the lowest score Waterville's team has ever had, but Waynefleet scored a 69, so we ended up in second place.  Coach Ramgren, "I am very proud of the team's efforts, and how they conducted themselves throughout the competition. Thank you to all of you who work so hard to prepare our students for success.  We improved our score by 5 points from last year."


4/7/13 --------

More Music!  Waterville Senior High School Vocal Traction had a great season which ended last Saturday. We took home a Number One Rating along with a gold award for our efforts. Although we did not make it into night finals, we had our best performance at states on Saturday. We are so proud of all of our students. Thanks to everyone for your support our music this year.  --Ciara Hargrove

Read more about our musical student body below. »

------ links to this article also appeared  in the MEARTSED (Maine Arts Education) blog by Argy Nester ---------

3/25/13 ----------------------

Waterville Music Students Experience the Nations Capital And Giant Music Gathering

Seventy-seven "traveler" from Waterville schools swooped down on Washington DC and left with memories to last a life time as well as the prestigious Spirit of Washington DC Award.  The five-day trip and tours included many of our national capital's most famous landmarks, to include: the Capitol, Arlington National Cemetery (to include the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a funeral fly-by performing the missing-man formation), the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials, the Lincoln Memorial, Holocaust museum, and the Smithsonian Museums. 

This was a tremendous opportunity to share musically and socially.  In addition to all the cultural sightseeing, our talented musicians got down to some serious work with musical exchanged and performances with all types of ensembles: jazz bands, bands, choirs, show choirs, a guitar ensemble, marching bands, auxiliary units (flags, etc from the marching bands, and percussions ensembles.  All three Waterville ensembles performed to their fullest potential: earning 3 excellent ratings, silver awards; as well as, being selected by the judges, tour guides and all the event officials for the Spirit of DC award.    The trip culminated with a huge banquet for 1200 music students from 40 schools representing 11 states (CA, FL, IL, KY, ME, NC, NY, SC, TX, VA, and WI).  A great opportunity, a great performance -- GO Panthers!

3/6/13 --------


Math team competition began in October with 24 teams in the Central Maine Math League.   Last month at our 4th meet, we placed second behind perennial powerhouse, Lawrence High School; who hasn't lost an Inland Division meet in recent memory. 

    Today at our fifth meet, all 24 Central Maine Math League Teams competed at Cony High School (the first 4 meets were solely with the Inland Division consisting of 8 teams).  I am proud to say that at today's meet Waterville beat the odds and scored 191 points to Lawrence's 152 !  This score was so impressive that it vaulted WSHS Math Team into 2nd place for the year behind Lawrence in the Inland Division and 3rd place overall for the Central Maine Math League large school division behind Lawrence and Cony for which we took home a beautiful plaque. 

Waterville also had individual standouts today for the entire League.  Max Burger-Roy won an award for placing in the top 6 freshmen.  Ursula Hebert-Johnson came in first place for highest total points by a junior--she also won another award for the 3rd-highest scoring mathlete in the League overall.

Words cannot express how proud Ted and I are of these students, all of them, who contributed throughout the year to our success.  And remember, this is the first year WSHS has had a Math Team and competed in a very, very, long time.  

Next up -- Maine State Championship at the Bangor Auditorium on April 9 against 138 teams.  We thank you for your encouragement and support!  

Scott Rivard & Ted Brown - Math Team Coaches

11/17/14 ----------

Kudos to Gayle, Sue, the students and all the faculty that helped make the musical so successful. It was a great show! We have so many talented musicians, singers and actors... It is remarkable. I am already looking forward to next year!
Brian Laramee
Assistant Principal

Waterville Senior High School
Thespian Troupe #2926

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Friday, November 21, 2014
Saturday, November 22, 2014

Waterville Senior High School Trask Auditorium
7:00 P.M.

Ticket Prices:
Adults $8.00
Students & Seniors (60+) $5.00

To Purchase Tickets in Advance: Please call Paula Pooler @ 873-4281