The Waterville Senior High School community values:

Respect We strive to demonstrate self-worth, exhibit courteous behavior, and value the beliefs and opinions of others.

Responsibility We strive to fulfill our commitments, be mindful of our actions, and be accountable for our behavior.

Perseverance We strive to make continuous progress toward our goals despite adversity, hardships or obstacles.   

Openness We strive to embrace diversity by honoring the ideas, experiences, and differences of others.   

Curiosity We strive to grow by exploring new ideas and experiences both inside and outside the classroom.   

Kindness We strive to actively demonstrate concern and caring for others and the environment.   

Engagement We strive for depth of commitment in both school activities and in the greater community.   

Integrity We strive to act in an honest and ethical manner and demonstrate consistency of character regardless of self-interest or outcome.   


We believe that education at Waterville Senior High School:

Activates the human potential in every student.

Encourages a culture of self-motivation that fosters lifelong learning.

Promotes creative and innovative student expression.

We believe that effective conditions for learning occur when:

Students are in a safe, respectful and caring environment.

Students are challenged to think critically.

Students are engaged in authentic, inter-disciplinary learning activities.

Students work both independently and collaboratively.

Students have regular opportunities to self-assess and reflect.


Academic Expectations Each Waterville Senior High School student shall be:

A clear and effective communicator who Adjusts communication for a variety of purposes Employs varied modes of expression appropriate for authentic tasks

A self-directed and lifelong learner who Demonstrates initiative and gains understanding through self-assessment and reflection Works independently and collaboratively to meet challenges and accomplish goals

A creative and practical problem solver who Frames questions, makes predictions, and designs data/information collection and analysis strategies Uses information and appropriate technology to address real world problems

A responsible and involved citizen who Demonstrates personal responsibility, cultural awareness and ethical behavior Practices personal wellness and demonstrates awareness of health concerns and issues

An integrative and informed thinker who Analyzes, synthesizes, and evaluates information from multiple sources Applies ideas across disciplines

Civic Expectation Each Waterville Senior High School student shall be positively engaged in the community.

Social Expectation Each Waterville Senior High School student shall demonstrate respectful and responsible behavior.  

School Wide Rubrics:

Rubric 1 - Clear & Effective Communicator
Rubric 2 - Self Directed & Life Long Learner
Rubric 3 - Creative & Practical Problem Solver
Rubric 4 - Responsible & Involved Citizen
Rubric 5 - Evaluates & Synthesizes
Rubric 6 - Civic Expectation
Rubric 7 - Social Expectation