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Search for Scholarships like it's your job!!!

A few important factors to consider when searching for scholarships:

1.  They won't find you; you need to find them.
You must apply to be considered for the vast majority of scholarships.  Often, this requires completing a form online or in paper, submitting and essay, and sending it by the deadline to the correct organization.  A few tips:
  • If you are writing an essay, be certain it is relevant for that scholarship, or responds to the correct prompt.  Don't simply mass produce your college essay and send it to different organizations. 

To increase your chances of being selected, use care in your scholarship applications and remember, you are competing with other students who also want to be funded!

2.  Understand how your college will use scholarship money in your financial aid package.  For example, some institutions may replace their scholarship dollars with your scholarship dollars....others will replace their student loans with your scholarship dollars.  Contact the financial aid office to be fully understand how your scholarship awards will be factored into their financial aid package.  As a rule, we recommend that students search regularly for scholarships.

3. When searching for scholarships, think locally, then regionally, then nationally.
Many organizations may provide scholarships to help students offset college costs.  Some examples are:
  • Your part-time employer
  • A parent/guardian's employer
  • Your hometown bank or credit union
  • Your church
  • Your hometown American Legion
  • Professional affiliations, like MaineGeneral, Girl Scouts or the Maine Christmas Tree Association

Then, think about Maine organizations that provide scholarships.  Some examples are:
  • The Mitchell Institute
  • Maine Community Foundation
  • Maine Educational Services
There are many national organizations too.  

We post all scholarships we receive in the Guidance Office regularly as follows:

In addition, here are a few great websites that help students use search engines to identify scholarship opportunities: