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In-house Counseling

Being a teenager is tough! There are many ways to access emotional support through high school.  We are happy to make referrals through any of the following resources:

Our in-house KBH school-based counselor, Marissa Ayer
Marissa accepts referrals for students who are interested in school-based treatment.  Students must have Maine Care in order to initiate counseling with Marissa.  The process is easy--just ask!  Students or parents can contact Ms. Robbinsor Ms. Hallen in Guidance, and we can complete a referral form.  Once a referral form is completed, Marissa will be in touch with parents/guardians to schedule an "intake meeting."  Then, Marissa will begin meeting with the student individually, during the school day, to provide counseling and support.  These meetings are confidential.  For more information, just call the Guidance Office at 861-7609.

Referral to an off-campus provider
There are many outstanding providers in the central Maine area.  Referrals can be obtained through the Guidance Office, through a physician or doctor's office, or just by calling individual therapists.  Therapists tend to accept different kinds of insurance, so be sure to check first to make sure appointments are covered as much as possible by your insurance plan.  

Check in with our in-house social worker, Ashley Rancourt
Ashley's office is a busy place, located within the Guidance Department.  Ashley has access to a number of resources, including a stash of food, supplies, clothing, and other needs.  Ashley is a terrific resource to utilize when a student is anxious, angry, or just needs a sounding board to work through problems.

Need help? The Maine Crisis Hotline is open 24 hours/day, every day. 1-888-568-1112.