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Applying to College

It seems overwhelming, but if you start thinking about college a little at a time, its not so bad.  You'd be surprised---it can take as few as 15 minutes to complete a college application. However, it is an important decision and one that we want students to think about and make carefully.

1.  If you are completely uncertain about which colleges to put on "your list," try this website:

This website is owned by the College Board.  This link brings you to a search engine where you can search for schools by geography, by major, or by another interest.  Be careful about answering EVERY QUESTION...if you answer too many questions, you could narrow your search too much.  Think about the parts of a college that are most important to you. If you need help with this, just make an appointment in Guidance.

Here is a basic video that might help you search for and compare two outstanding colleges:  UMaine and Northeastern (just using this as a demo so you can learn how to use some of the functions on the bigfuture webpage): VIDEO DEMO ON SEARCHING FOR A SPECIFIC COLLEGE USING BIGFUTURE

2.  It's not too early to check out college campuses!

To request a tour of campus, all you have to do is call the undergraduate admissions office or often, just go online and request a tour on a specific date.  When you visit, be certain to ask lots of questions!  This may be one of the biggest decisions you make, so be sure you are asking questions about support services, how much debt graduates carry, career services, campus safety, and any other array of important questions.  An early release day, teacher workshop day, school vacation day, and summer time are excellent times to visit a college campus.  It might be a good idea to look at some of our local colleges, just to get used to visiting a campus, and asking questions!  

3.  Once you have decided on a college or 2 or 3, you will need to submit an application. Often, colleges provide an online application system on their Admissions page. If you end up applying to a handful of four-year colleges, you will likely use the Common App, which is a way to fill out 1 application that can be sent to multiple colleges and universities, saving time.

4.  Figure out which requirements are needed for admission!  Some schools require the SAT or ACT, others have different guidelines.  If you are thinking about a Maine Community College, be aware that they require PSAT or SAT scores for admission:  Maine Community College requirements

Just come in and make an appointment with Ms. Hallen or Ms. Robbins and we can help you through all of this!  It's not as bad as it might seem, and much easier if you do a little research over time.