Social Studies Department

ASHTON, DON  (Department Chair)                DUMONT, ANDREW

LAMBERT, REBECCA                                      HEBERT, NANCY        

LINDLOF, KENNETH                                    

Welcome to the Social Studies homepage. It is the mission of our department to provide students an engaging academic experience while attending W.S.H.S. Our teachers believe the study of history is the foundation to life-long learning. To this end, we delivery our innovative two years curriculum through a virtual learning platform called Moodle; this is a combination of both traditional classroom resources and activities as well as internet-based learning. 

In addition, our department will participate in the reporting of several "academic proficiencies" described in the social studies - "reporting standards" of the Maine Learning Results. This is the social studies department's contribution to each W.S.H.S. student's "proficiency-based learning certificate" which is required in the state of Maine .

Curriculum Resource Links: 

Below you will view several hyperlinks that provide a glimpse of resources our department uses with your daughter or son within our two mandatory courses.

(Year 1)  World History course

      a.   World History for Us All

      b.   Atlas of World History 

(Year 2)  USA in the World course